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Antistax Leg Massage Cream 125ml

Product code: 16559
Boehringer Ingelheim
Antistax Leg Massage Cream 125ml

New product antistax ®, a special combination of beneficial ingredients for relaxing walk.
The antistax ®, the expert in foot health, now created a cream for foot massage.

The massage with special cream antistax ® Leg Massage cream, with bio-active flavonoids help maintain good venous circulation, improving microcirculation and blood flow in the legs resulting in relief and regeneration.

It is a known positive impact massage to enhance microcirculation and blood flow in the legs while we know that improved microcirculation has a beneficial effect on the relief and rejuvenation of the lower extremities.

The antistax ® Leg Massage Cream contains red vine leaf extract with bio-active flavonoids that help boost microcirculation and blood flow thereby relieving symptoms such as heaviness, pain, swelling, Jojoba - Oil, Sheabutter, Dexpanthenol, to hydrate and regenerate the skin and leave feet feeling soft and wellbeing and Hamamelis, Vitamins C & E, which are a combination antidepressant and antioxidant ingredients.

The new family member antistax ®, which already includes tablets and gel, ideal for use throughout the year in conjunction with the tablets and is suitable for cases where the distressing symptoms (pain, swelling, heaviness and fatigue) are strongly and must be sought intensively address the problem. Aimed primarily at users of more advanced age, with greater discomfort in the legs.


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