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Sante Herbal Hair Colours Blonde

Product code: 8330
Sante Herbal Hair Colours Blonde

With SANTE Herbal Hair Colors you can achieve multi-facetted, lively, shimmering nuances that are just as individual and unique as you. SANTE Herbal Hair Color respects the natural pigments of your hair. It coats your hair like a protective glaze that combines with your natural hair color to produce a unique result. The resulting color can vary depending on your original hair color, your hair structure and your haircare routine – but the result will surely be very natural and as shiny as silk.
· long lasting, multi-facetted color
· with extra volume and care
· purely botanical
· especially gentle
· free of peroxide, ammonia or other chemical components
· free of synthetic colorants, fragrances or preservatives
· BDIH certified natural
100 % natural
Discover the whole spectrum of nature’s beauty. Give your hair the gift of expressive color, silky shine and easy volume.
100 % gentle
SANTE Herbal Hair Color is the natural alternative to ‘traditional’ synthetic chemical hair color. Feel the difference!
100 % trendy
From a fine, harmonious alteration to a noticeable color contrast: with SANTE Herbal Hair Colors it is quite simple to dye subtle highlights, irrespective of whether your hair is its natural color or has already been colored with herbal hair color. Red nuances create clear coral effects in light blonde hair. When used in medium to dark blond hair they shimmer ruby red.  They create dark mahogany accents in naturally light brown hair. Have you already colored your hair bronze or mahogany? Then you can use SANTE Herbal Hair Color in black to achieve magically shimmering dark brown reflexes.
100 % botanical
SANTE Herbal Hair Colors are mixtures are mixtures of wheat proteins, alginate, henna, cassia, walnut shells, ratania roots, indigo, coffee, beetroot and rhubarb root. The mixture and proportions in the ingredients are different for every color.



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