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7elements coconut cooking oil bio 550gr

Product code: 26259
7elements coconut cooking oil bio 550gr

Organic coconut 7elements produced from high quality coconuts and steamed lightly to remove the taste and coconut. The high point of the tobacco with the neutral flavor and taste make it suitable for cooking, baking and frying at high temperatures. Coconut oil Cooking 7elements
saturated naturally and not containing trans- fatty acids.

Product is organic farming

The main ingredients are 100% Coconut oil (certified organic ingredient)

Below 18 degrees Celsius in coconut oil is in solid form and more than 24 degrees Celsius is liquid.

Dec fragrance

Country of origin: Philippines

After opening keep it in shady and cool place.

Available in glass packaging of 550g

Nutritional value 100gr

Energy 3587kj / 857 kcal
fat 100g
Saturated fatty acids 86g
Trans fatty acids 0g
cholesterol 0g
Dietary fiber 0g
0g protein
sugar 0g
0g carbohydrates
salt 0g


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