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Nuk Action Cup 12m+, 230ml

Product code: 30062
Nuk Action Cup 12m+, 230ml

The Nuk Action Cup accompanies the child from 12 months onwards, when it becomes more lively and the priority is the constant movement and activity. The soft straw is flexible and soft with the gums and the palate. Thanks to its practical screw cap, it is sufficient to move and the straw disappears into the lid. During transport, the straw folds and hides in the lid, so that everything is kept clean and dry. This Nuk glass has a ventilation valve that ensures that children will drink without problems.
-The cup helps children learn to drink autonomously from the glass.
-Built-in ventilation valve for easy use.
-Ergonomic Cup: easy grip and cup containment.
-Easy assembly and cleaning.
-Dishwasher suitable.
-Made of durable polypropylene (PP) plastic, BPA-free
-Soft straw, soft with gums and palate
-The screw lid protects when moving the straw

Educational Cup, children from 12 months.

1 cup capacity 230ml

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