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Aerochamber Plus With Anti-static Inner tube Index Inhaling Flow-Vu *


Model : Children with mask (1-5 years)

O balloon valve (Valved Holding Chamber - VHC) AeroChamber Plus index puffs Flow - Vu Anti-Static ensure satisfactory implementation and control the symptoms of bronchial asthma , bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) .



Ensuring effective medication drug aerosol

Use in children 1-5 years

advantages :


Practical scope: 149 ml capacity balloon has the perfect size for easy daily use .

Transparent antistatic balloon (Anti - Static): It is ready for use immediately after opening the package , without requiring any process . It offers reliable drug administration as it minimizes the static load .

Dynamic flow design : The design of the balloon allows the aerosol to mature in the smallest possible particle size reducing oral precipitate thereof , which may cause systemic side effects . It also provides a visual and control within the transparent Coolers .

System diaphragm weakness : Thinner and low resistance barrier that requires less effort to open. Facilitates patients particularly low tension and high rates of such children .

Index puffs Flow - Vu: Provides assurance that inhalation is performed accurately. Further, it allows therapists to coordinate actuation with inhalation , measure the breathing of the patient and to ensure good sealing.

Mask Silicone Comfortseal, no latex, allergy : Fits comfortably in all persons and minimizes the " dead " spots offering improved aerosol administration , without the risk of irritation of the face of drug absorption into the mask ( as with vinyl masks ) .

Reception generic pMDI -reinforced polymer Monprene: Compatible with all commonly used medicines aerosols.

Whistle FLOWSIGNAL: It helps the patient to inhale at the right speed , give notice ( whistle ) in too fast paced .

Expiratory Valve EZ-Flow: offers lower resistance to expiratory flow and direct it away from the patient avoiding possible irritations .

Child-friendly graphical AeroBear that stir their interest .

Easily washed in the dishwasher to 70oC.

A significant advancement in the technology of valve chambers (VHC), is the protection offered owing to their BPA Free. In particular, they contain toxic substances Bisphenol A, Polystirene, Phthalates, Latex, Lead and PVC.

More specifically, research has shown that plastics contain toxic substances which have serious health effects. For example, the substance Bisphenol A, creates hormonal disorders , miscarriages , breast and prostate cancer , early puberty and mental retardation . Furthermore , the substance Polystirene secrete styrene, a carcinogen , affecting the liver , lungs , brain and kidneys. Finally, Phthalates are chemicals used as solvents to soften the plastic, causing testicular atrophy and many problems in reproductive organs . Tests in animals showed lesions in the liver , kidneys and lungs .

To protect your child , always choose products that indicate "BPA Free". Toxic substances have been removed and the products are safe and fit for use.

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