Aerochamber Plus Flow Vu Bebe 0-18 Months

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Air chamber for infants to 18 months.

Chamber valve (Valved Holding Chamber - VHC), with index inhalation Flow - Vu provides an assurance that the inhalation performed accurately. Further, it allows therapists to coordinate activation with inhalation, count breaths of the patient and ensure satisfactory tightness.
With transparent antistatic balloon (Anti-Static), is ready for use immediately after opening the package, without requiring any process. It also provides reliable delivery of the drug as it minimizes the static load. Using Aerochamber, ensure satisfactory implementation and control symptoms of bronchial asthma, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The chamber has a capacity of 149 ml, with ideal and practical size for convenient daily use. Contains weakness diaphragm system: Thinner and low diaphragm resistance which requires less effort to open to patients of low tension and high rates such as children. The silicone mask, latex free, is antiallergic, implements faces the infant without causing irritation.

Especially designed to clamp FLOWSIGNal, helps the patient to inhale at the right speed, providing reaction (whistle) in too quickly. It''s fun and very friendly infants because it contains graphics with the signing of Aerobear, that stir their attention. In addition, the practicality is that easily washed in the dishwasher at 70c

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