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Agan Metabolin-2, 60V.Caps

Product code: 30155
Agan Metabolin-2, 60V.Caps

The Metabolin-2 is an innovative herbal dietary supplement that combines the actions of Metabolaid (patented extract Hibiscus Sabdariffa hibiscus and Lippia citriodora Louiza), and Tartaric L-carnitine, helps positively to balance of the metabolic hormones (leptin-ghrelin-Adiponectin) and the restoration and stabilization of body weight at normal levels. The Metabolin-2 can help overweight and obese individuals regain and maintain their ideal weight over time, enhance their health and gain quality of life.

-Restores and stabilizes body weight at normal levels and prevents the re-uptake of lost kilos
-Balances the "energy divide" that occurs after weight loss, because of the increase in energy obtained through food and the reduction of energy consumed through combustion
-Balances Metabolic hormones (leptin *-ghrelin *-adiponectin *)
-It affects the feeling of satiety, the control of appetite and the desire for fat, sweet and savory meals-increases the metabolism of fat cells by activating the AMPK *
-Maintains the BMI (Body mass index) at normal levels (< 25 kgr/m2)
-Inhibits fat accumulation in adipose tissue and liver-it acts on adipose tissue by inhibiting the accumulation of triglycerides
-Has a positive effect on blood pressure regulation and sugar levels

Dietary supplement, body weight stabilization, metabolic hormone balancing.

Take 2 capsules of Metabolin-2 a day, preferably before meals.

60 Herbal Capsules.

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