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Alfa Choice, Confidence Omega 3 1000mg 90Tabs

Product code: 25553
Alfa choice naturals
Alfa Choice, Confidence Omega 3 1000mg 90Tabs

Alfa Choice, Confidence Omega 3 1000mg 90Tabs

The Omega 3 is a dietary supplement rich in essential fat oils EPA and DHA acids which research base that enhance brain health and heart, help skin health, enhance the function of vision, have anti-inflammatory properties and keep the cholesterol in normal. Vitamin E protects the fish oil from oxidizing.

Instructions: Consume after each main meal 1-2 softgels daily
Do not exceed the recommended dose. The product is not intended for treatment, prevention or treatment of human disease.
Keep in a cool and dry place (<25 ° C).

side effects
Side effects are rare. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any side effect found. Consult your doctor before taking if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication

Ingredients per tablet:
Pisces Oil: 1000mg
Vitamin E: 9mg
EPA: 330mg
DHA 220mg

Content: 90 tablets

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Alfa choice naturals


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