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Alfa Choice Naturals Confidence Omega 3 1000mg 45Caps

Product code: 27244
Alfa choice naturals
Alfa Choice Naturals Confidence Omega 3 1000mg 45Caps

Omega 3 of Confidence is a nutritional supplement rich in essential EPA and DHA fatty acids, based on research that promotes brain and heart health, improves vision, helps skin health, anti-inflammatory properties and maintains cholesterol in Normal levels.
Vitamin E protects fish oil from oxidation.

Indications: Omega-3 fatty acid supplement.

Instructions for Use: Consume 1-2 soft capsules a day (after each main meal)
Do not exceed the recommended dose.
This product should not be used for the prevention, treatment or cure of a human disease.

Keep it in a shady, dry and cool place (<25C), away from children. If there is a side effect, stop taking it and consult your doctor

Content - Packaging: 30 + 15 Soft Capsules

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Alfa choice naturals


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