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Anderson Proshock Protein Bar Coco Chocolate 60g

Product code: 23295
Anderson Proshock Protein Bar Coco Chocolate 60g

ProShock 35% protein bar
This is a bar 60 gr coverage of chocolate and coconut layer and protein and 21 gr.
If you need a high quality protein for everyday use and prominent muscle development, ProSchock bars, is the ideal. We provide 21 gr. protein for each bar of 60 gr.
It is a reinforced bar with 8 vitamins and a unique taste.
Most of the protein bars are much larger in size, forcing you to eat, larger quantities and therefore calories, just to get the same amount of protein.
Bars ProSchock your offer faster protein absorption, due to the rapid digestion, whatever time of day you need it, or to replace a meal, or after your daily exercise or you're out.
After your daily exercise, it is ideal for consumption to recharge the glycogen in the muscles faster than if you drink neat carbohydrates.
Dose: 1 or 2 per day.


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