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Anemos Chios Bitter pie 50g

Product code: 15367
Anemos Chios Bitter pie 50g


Shortcake / neratzopita / honey pie with pieces neratzaki and genuine honey.

New tastes, new idea. Innovative product. Combines tradition and fantasy. Chalvadopitta (or honey pies or cobbler or neratzopita if you prefer) with Chian pieces sweet green neratzaki. In this really interesting flavor added pure honey and achieved a wonderful combination. The result vindicates us.

Tasty temptation to smooth taste, pure ingredients and traditional songs with sweet Chian neratzaki.

Agni and fasting delicacy, no chemicals, no preservatives, no colors.

A new, "fresh" packaging. Inside closed tightly for freshness in nylon and externally wrapped by hand in the traditional shape with the traditional way.



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