Anes & Sens Argan Oil 100% Pure Natural

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It''s the best oil for the face and also used a lot of the women of Arabia for body massage.
It acts as waterproofing the skin, creating a protective barrier and maintaining elasticity.
Thanks to its high content of vitamin C is by far the most moisturizing, nourishing, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging oil.
It is ideal for broken and brittle nails, for damaged hair or with dandruff.
Suitable for all skin types, especially acne problems.

Tips for use:

1. In person or body as a massage

It softens skin, moisturizes and protects against drought

Thanks to the corrective and anti-wrinkle properties, the skin becomes flexible again

Making a circular massage on the face, can replace the night cream

Throughout the body, after showering or bathing, refresh tired skin.

2. For broken and brittle nails.

A weekly mix 1 kg of sweet argan oil with 1 kg of fresh lemon juice and brush your nails until the mixture is completely absorbed.

3. For dry damaged hair and scalp. Fights dandruff and reduces hair loss. The hair become again shine, vitality and volume.

Put it on damp hair and wrap a warm towel. Leave for 20 minutes or overnight and wash your hair with a gentle natural shampoo or just mix with your shampoo.

* Combines perfectly with the shampoo with milk donkey to dazzling effect!

4. In massaging the abdomen or chest of pregnant women to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

5. other uses

* Babies for moisturizing massage.

* For micro-healing wounds such as acne or chickenpox.

* For people who suffer from rheumatism, massaging over joints.


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