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Apivita intimate daily gentle cleansing gel for the delicate 300ml

Product code: 24867
Apivita intimate daily gentle cleansing gel for the delicate 300ml

Apivita intimate gentle cleansing gel for the delicate 300ml

The Apivita intimate gel 300ml for gentle cleaning of sensitive region is suitable and ideal for everyday use. Soothes and protects from irritation, maintains the natural pH and does not cause dryness.

The key components are:
Organic chamomile combined with water from an organic extract of chamomile, panthenol, allantoin and aloe soothe and suppress from any irritation.
Lactic acid, natural lipoaminoacid and natural oligosaccharides, respecting the pH and helps to protect the natural flora of the sensitive area.
Propolis, which inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
Organic lavender essential oil, which gives a wonderful feeling of freshness and a light fragrance.
H Apivita replaces it with natural organic extracts water and provide products mainly antioxidant properties. Its products Apivita is rich in antioxidants to their base as the water content in most cosmetic exceed 70%.

It gynecological tested with 91% natural ingredients, without paraben, soap, silicone, ethanolamine and propylene glycol.

Instructions for use :
Apply spreading daily with gentle circular movements massage on wet skin until it rich foam. Finally rinse with water.

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