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Apivita Oily Roots & Dry Ends Shampoo 250ml

Product code: 26603
Apivita Oily Roots & Dry Ends Shampoo 250ml

Apivita Oily Roots & Dry Ends Shampoo Balancing Shampoo For Oily Roots & Dry Ends 250ml
Indications: Setting the root oil, Hydrate the edges, Clear Scalp & Hair

Shampoo with nettle * and  honey**, regulates oiliness at the root and moisturizes dry tired hair ends.
Ideal shampoo for women with long greasy hair.

* The nettle, has the ability to improve the texture of dry and oily hair and cleaning without removing the natural oils from the hair by making it suitable for the treatment of dandruff.
** Honey offers hair shine without weighing it down. Alongside combats split ends and frizz

Caution: The shampoo is for external use only, keep in a cool and dark place, away from children.
85% of its composition consists of natural ingredients.

Switching with shampoo "Apivita Oil Balance Shampoo Set Shampoo 250ml oil" maximizes the benefits

Content - Packing: 250 ml (8.45 fl. Oz.)

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