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ARKOCAPS Garlic 45caps Hypertension

Product code: 15763
ARKOCAPS Garlic 45caps Hypertension


Part used: the bulb.

Hypertension, prevention of atherosclerosis, circulatory disorders.


Known since antiquity, the garlic had by then an important role in the diet of the Egyptians and the Jews (Palestine). The Egyptians had made it a god, and considered capable of supporting the efforts of builders of the pyramids and prevent epidemics. The Cheops, King of Egypt's 4th dynasty, even asked to draw up a clove of garlic on top of the largest of the pyramids of Giza!

Control of hypertension

A diet rich in garlic decreases platelet aggregation and increases fibrinolytic activity significantly.

The combination of these two actions gives the antithrombotic properties of garlic. Thanks to its hypolipidemic and ypocholisterinaimiki of action, garlic also prevents atherosclerosis and vascular events associated with it (myocardial infarction, hemiplegia brain, vascular thrombosis, etc.). Thus, garlic improves circulation and has a beneficial effect on hypertension. Recent studies have shown that garlic is not only bacteriostatic but mainly fungicide. Thus, the dust from the bulb of garlic is an intestinal disinfectant with great efficiency.

The use of garlic in the form of granular powder in capsules provide all the valuable properties without the bad breath caused by the consumption of this plant.


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