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Arkpharma Royal Syrup Bon Appetit 150ml

Product code: 15823
Arkpharma Royal Syrup Bon Appetit 150ml

Recommended for : CHILD

Description :

Resulting from Arkopharma Laboratories, Arkopharma Kid Fortifying Syrup supports children's energy and tonus and contributes to their bloom, through its original formula combining Royal Jelly, Propolis and Vitamin C.

- Royal Jelly, exclusive food of the queen bee, is a complete stimulator.

- Propolis, resin substance made out by bees, is known as an biological shield of the hive against bacterias.

- Vitamin C is useful for general tonus.

Strawberry taste.

Indication :

Vitality, tonicity. Children of more than 4 years-old.

Use :

From 4 years-old: 1 dosing spoon per day (5 ml).
From 6 years-old: 2 dosing spoons per day (10 ml). It is possible to repeat the treatment several times in the year.

Shake before use. Store preferably in the fridge after opening. It is possible to repeat the cure several times in the year. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The syrup must be associated to a varied and balanced diet.


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