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Atcare Wish Wafer sticks, without sugar, 135g

Product code: 29350
Atcare Wish Wafer sticks, without sugar, 135g

The last arrival in the family of wish snacks without added sugar are the wish Wafer sticks with Stevia. These unique wavy crisp wafers filled with rich cocoa cream and velvet hazelnut cream will make you love them. Without the addition of sugar and with a sweetener from the Stevia plant, Wish Wafer sticks satisfy even the most demanding consumers since they offer a sweet and healthy snack with only 29 calories/serving.
They fit perfectly into cakes, ice-cold or hot beverages and are even more delicious when you share them with your friends and family. Wish Wafer sticks with Stevia is the ideal choice for people who follow a balanced diet and want to limit the consumption of saturated fat and unnecessary sugars without being deprived of enjoyment. They are suitable for everyone and can be consumed by people with diabetes mellitus or obesity.

Wafer sticks (wafers) with Stevia

Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.


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