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Avene B-Protect SPF50+, 30ml

Product code: 29770
Avene B-Protect SPF50+, 30ml

Thanks to its unsurpassed 3-in-1 composition, Avene B-Protect SPF 50++ is the perfect sun care to be a beautiful woman & protected on a daily basis. It protects and embellishes the skin of women in the city who are looking for a clever product that they can use all year round. It gives a triple action:
- Against UV rays
- Against pollutants
- For beauty

Sunscreen, face, beautiful skin.

Before each exposure to sunlight, apply 1 finger from Avene B-Protect SPF 50++ on the face and neck. To maintain protection, often renew its application, especially after swimming, sweating or wiping. Excessive exposure to the sun is dangerous. At times of intense radiation, do not expose yourself to the sun, even if you wear sunscreen because it does not give you 100% protection. Keep babies and children away from the sun.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

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30 ml

Made in France

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