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Avene Cicalfate Drying Antibacterial Repair Lotion 40ml

Product code: 2889
Avene Cicalfate Drying Antibacterial Repair Lotion 40ml

Dries, make good and exygiainei your skin. Epanorthwtikoi and exygiantikoi factors.
Fragrance-free, paraben-free, without alcohol.
The benefits of
Drying: natural silicone dry the skin ororroi.
Reconstruction: the sucralfate, original active ingredient, favors skin remedy.
Enhance: the combination of copper sulphate zinc sulphate-reduces the risk of bacterial multiplication.
Soothing: rich in water of Avène thermal N, soothes sensitized skin.
Is right for me?
The Cicalfate restorative Lotion is indicated especially for adults, children and babies that their skin is irritated and presents liquid damage. It can be used both in the skin and the outer membranes.
If you have questions, especially in some entries, consult your doctor before use.
The right moves
Shake the Cicalfate restorative Lotion before use.
Break the nose of the stopper that sticks out with your thumb. Turn the lid clockwise ¼ to open the vial and counterclockwise to close.
Clean the problem area, then apply the Cicalfate restorative xirantiki Lotion twice a day with the help of gauze or directly with the muzzle.
Without alcohol, the Cicalfate restorative Lotion xirantiki does not cause irritation. Achrwmi, does not stain clothes.
Muzzle with 40 ml vial

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