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Body Oils
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Primavera St. John''s Wort Body Oil 100ml


Primavera Balsam (St.John''s Wort) Body Oil 100ml

Certified organic oil from St. John''s Wort (scientific name: Hypericum perforatum) impregnated, rich in vitamin E, provitamin A and essential fatty acids, along with organic olive oil from France and Spain, has sedative, properties and outstanding activity against bruises and inflammation. At the same time it protects the skin and tightens. Enables the reconstruction of cells and are perfect for dehydrated skin from sun The refreshing fragrance, makes an excellent organic body oil for a relaxing massage and for mixes. It is also suitable for face and body.

The Primavera guarantees that during the production of Primavera Balsam has not done any experiments on animals.
Caution: Keep the Primavera Balsam away from children, do not become ingestion of the product (for external use only), keep it in a cool place.
Suitable for Vegan

Origin: France
Quantity: 100 ml (3.38 oz)