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Bailleul-Biorga, Femilyane Ph8 Intimate Hygiene 200ml


Femilyane Ph 8 Intimate Hygiene 200ml
The Femilyane Ph8 a soothing cleaning fluid, especially designed for the hygiene of irritated mucous, is used in combination with antifungal medications.

Designed with alkaline Ph and with a very gentle cleansing base without soap, the femilyane ph8 gently cleanses, limiting the spread of the main offensive players. The Femilyane Ph8 relieves redness and itching due to the combination of soothing aloe vera extract. Relieves immediately after application, while providing a sense of coolness and freshness.

For daily hygiene, consists in Femilyane Physio (ph = 5.5)

Alkaline Ph (Ph 8)
Without: soap, parabens, artificial fragrances
Efficacy and safety clinically tested under gynecological control.
For external use only

The Femilyane Ph8 used as a liquid soap for a short time when you feel discomfort. Rinse thoroughly with water.
If symptoms persist consult your doctor.
Made in France
Do not use twelve (12) months after its opening

Content: 200 ml (6.8 fl. Oz.)

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