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Essential Oils
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Primavera Peru Myrtle (Myrtle Peru Oil) Bio 5ml Essential Oil


Myrtus communis.

Fresh, herbaceous, the Myrtle purifies, stimulates and symbolizes purity and renewal. Can be used in freshening device, but most often recommended for the care of body and facial compresses or steam baths. Used for coughs, colds, acne and problem skin.

Combine with: Citrus oils, conifer oils, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Kagepout Niaouli.

Quantity: 5 ml

Myrtle: powerful antiseptic, gingivitis, vaginal washes, inflammation of the prostate, skin disorders, psoriasis, respiratory system, colds, catarrh, arthritis, infections, hemorrhoids, insomnia, anxiety, depression.

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