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Essential Oils
SKU 12423

Primavera Sandalwood New Caledonia Rural. 5ml Essential Oil


Santalum album.

To Sandalwood has a warm, sweet, woody, exotic and balsam scent. Inspiring sexually, and brings warmth. It is very comforting in cases of depression or muscle cramps. Use an appliance room fresheners, oil massage of the face and body, or a relaxing bath. Often used for nervousness, eczema, infections of the urinary system, stress and tension.

Quantity: 5 ml

Sandals: a powerful antiseptic, urinary tract, diarrhea, respiratory tract, fever, cough, sore throat, depression, stress, insomnia, inflammation, itching, eczema, acne, dry and mature skins. Do not use those who have problems with their kidneys.

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