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Aidom Pharma Ialys Resvitil Gel 30ml


Aidom Pharma Ialys Resvitil Gel  30ml

Targets and Assists in Regulating and restoring skin tone

Aidom Pharma Ialys Resvitil Gel

with a special characteristic of its mechanism of action, it has the ability to act on different levels of skin pigmentation.
Aidom Pharma Ialys Resvitil Gel causes stimulation of the production and development of epidermal cells (melanocytes & keratinocytes) and then stimulates the production of skin pigment by melanocytes.

Collaborates & restores the areas of the skin that have lost their color
Its composition consists of natural active ingredients only
In a convenient and easy-to-use gel form, non-greasy, with great depth and fast absorbency
Way of use

Aidom Pharma Ialys Resvitil Gel is recommended to be applied once a day with gentle massage movements so that it is absorbed quickly and correctly.

To get the best result we need to have limited exposure to the sun

From the moment it is absorbed, we can apply our cream or make-up

In a 30 gram tube

French product

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