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Face Cream
SKU 23824

Atache Excellence Day Cream 50ml


Anti-aging facial cream Atache company.

The day cream contains a carefully selected number of new compounds that assist in slowing the onset of aging on your skin, prolonging youth of your epidermal cells. More specifically, the youthfulness of your face is maintained thanks to the brand new component Vitasource, which allows for better cell function and contribution poweful Phytessence Holyherb, is a powerful ingredient which protects, repairs and regenerates the DNA. The properties of the skin lost over time recovered thanks to the precious ingredients of facial product line Atache: so your face is smooth, full, supple, hydrated and luminous.
Fine texture and light flavored, anti-aging day cream of the Spanish company Atache, perfectly absorbed by your skin, giving a sense of comfort and everyday care and protection from UVA and UVB.
Product dermatologically tested, without containing formulas paraben.