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Face Cream
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Avene Anti-Redness Day Protective Moisturising Cream SPF20 40ml

Reduces and prevents redness of sensitive skin.
Without paraben.
The benefits of
When rashes: improves skin microcirculation thanks to medicinal extract of Ruscus is rich in saponins.
Soothing: rich in thermal water of Avène, soothing and anti-irritant, offers your skin an immediate feeling of sedating.
Photoprotective: anti-aging peptide of agents protect you from UV rays (SPF 20).
Decongestive: thanks to the great dextran Sulphate content.
Is right for me?
The moisturizing protective cream Antirougeurs JOUR appropriate especially for sensitive dry and very dry skin with a tendency for erythro-spider veins.
The right moves
Cleanse your face first with the Antirougeurs Emulsion cleanser.
Soothe your skin with a spray with the spray of Water of Avène thermal water.
Take a small amount of cream on your thermanete the handful for a while between the toes.
Apply on your face in the morning.
Tube 40 ml


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