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Face Cream
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Avene Thermal Water 50ml


Avene Eau Thermale, 50 ml

Skin with allergy, irritated, sensitive or hypersensitive.

Spring water from Avène, obtained directly from the source, while retaining all the anti-irritating, softening and soothing properties intact

envelops you and soothe you with a feeling of softness and with all the purity and tenderness of the thermal water of Avène which offers protection continuously:
For facial redness in cases of skin irritations
After medical practice
In erythema crurogenital area baby
After solar erythema or sunburn
After Shave
After cleansing
After waxing
After sports
On the journey, for coolness

for audit conducted on 100 people, all the people who used the product felt satisfied with its beneficial effect.

Avene thermal spring water (avene aqua), gaseous nitrogen

For external use only. Keep Avene Eau Thermale, in shady and cool place, away from children.

Content: 50ml