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Face Cream
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Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur Spf30 40ml


Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF30
Indications: Dehydrated and Sensitive Skin
Cream with a velvety texture, with a simple movement brightens, smoothes and protects. It creates an invisible protective film. Ideal for sensitive and dehydrated skin.
In our daily life, stress, pollution and cold help dehydration and premature skin aging. With dehydration, the skin is degraded, we suffer from pulling and schimatizontai thin lines. Therefore, the skin loses its shine and becomes dull.
The Bioderma innovate creating normal new generation hydration process. Aquagenium patent contains active ingredients that activate the natural hydration process and enhances the circulation of water in skin cells. The Hydrabio Gel Creme has a soothing effect and thus regenerates the natural glow of the skin and improves its texture. Thanks to the UVA UVB sun filters, the Hydrabio Perfecteur provides high protection against the harmful effects of UV rays and prevents premature skin aging.

Results :
Lasting protection and hydration.
The skin regains softness, shine and firmness.
Fine lines are reduced.
Particularly high tolerance.
Without Parabens.
Slightly perfumed composition.

Instructions for use :
Apply morning and evening after cleansing, around the face and neck (ideally with Hydrabio H2O).
An excellent makeup base.

Content: 40 ml