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Face Cream
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Bioselect Eye Cream Bright & Restful Gaze 30ml


Eye cream for bright and restful look Bioselect company.

This is a natural eye cream, which is designed to offer a bright, youthful, yet relaxed look. Enriched with active yeast extract and stem from Echinacea clamping, decongest and stimulate the area around the eyes. The hyaluronic acid provides hydration and increases elasticity, while the prickly pear oil and Dictamelia, thanks to their antioxidants, delaying the appearance of aging signs. The Dictamelia, product is patented extraction Diktamos in extra virgin organic olive oil
Spread the morning- night cream with light Heeltaps the area around the eyes until completely absorbed.
Enriched with ingredients certified viologkis culture, is suitable for all skin types.
Without petroleum derivatives, without synthetic dyes. According to the requirements of ICEA, does not contain ethoxylated derivatives.
Intended for external use only.
Product dermatologically tested.