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Face Cream
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Elicina Eco Plus 50ml


Elicina cream Eco Plus

H ELICINA PLUS is a cream made from snail extract, specially designed for dry and / or sensitive skin that require more ingredients to prevent dryness, irritation and pulling.
The ELICINA PLUS contains the same percentage of snail extract (80%) by ELICINA CREAM, except that the remaining 20% ​​is enhanced with carefully selected moisturizing ingredients to give the skin an effective and balanced moisture. The new format gives the skin a feeling of elasticity, freshness and stability.

Thanks to the content of a snail extract (80%), making it effective for the regeneration of tissues.
Contains no color or perfume.

Instructions for use
FACE: Apply to clean skin a small amount ELICINA twice a day, avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
BODY: Using a small amount, apply ELICINA twice daily. It does not contain dyes or fragrance.

The ELICINA PLUS are: natural organic cosmetic cream, hypoallergenic product, without color or fragrance.
Rapidly absorbed and does not stain clothes.

Content: 50 ml