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Face Cream
SKU 12470

Elicina XT Eye Eco Contour Cream 15ml


After many years of scientific studies show that the Elicina the original combination of natural products that emphasizes the process of regeneration, nutrition and anti-aging.

The new cream for the eye contour Elicina XT Eye Contour by snail brings a new level of care for the delicate facial skin and the emerging signs of aging. The Elicina XT can be duplicated in the Renaissance, the exfoliation and flexibility.

The combination of the extracts allowed to manufacture a high quality finished product that not only  regenerates the skin, but also retards the aging process, because the combined extracts produce a natural exfoliation and stimulate production of collagen.

The Elicina XT reduces and softens wrinkles, expression lines and delay the signs of aging due to a combination of extracts contained cash: allantoin, collagen, elastin, proteins, glycolic acid, Aucubin and vitamins B1 and C.

The Elicina XT is odorless and contains no dyes, therefore, has preserved as much as possible natural.

How to apply: Apply a small amount twice daily to clean skin. The Elicina XT will be absorbed quickly leaving the area to smooth and soft.