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Face Cream
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Fadopharm Inca Rose Crema Purity 50ml


Fadopharm Inca Rose Crema Purity 50ml

Face cream
with hyaluronic acid, decongestant, ideal for oily skin with acne problems.
The person hangs Purity, thanks to its light texture, offers immediate absorption and is suitable for daily care of oily skin. The balanced active ingredients (Hyaluronic yxy, Lactic acid, Fruit acids, seaweed Laminaria Sccharina, tea extract), providing a smooth and uniform effect, giving the skin a radiant and hydrated look. At the same time regulate the sebum production for a clean and smooth skin.

Use: Apply the cream Fadopharm Inca Rose Crema Purity in the morning - evening on a clean face. For direct absorption then a light massage. Excellent as a makeup base.
Keep it away from children.
Cosmetic product for external use, dermatologically tested. Contains no Paraben and petroleum and PEGs

Made in Italy
Do not use the Fadopharm Inca Rose Crema Purity 12 months after its opening
It contains 50ml.

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