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Face Cream
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Frezyderm Ac-norm Total Control Cream 50ml


Ac-Norm Total Control Cream
Advanced cream to tackle the symptoms of mild, moderate and severe acne. Its formula is enriched with herbal extracts that have similar efficacy of drug molecules, but no side effects or irritation. Has strong antiakneiki action without showing discoloration, photosensitivity, premature skin aging. Combats development P.Acnes and reduces inflammation.
With an innovative combination of salicylic acid and acacia offered karatolysi the skin surface and prevents the absorption of salicylic acid, in order not to cause no irritation. It is rich in plant extracts of high potency, regulating sebum, giving matte skin and normalize skin texture, improving cysts and scars. At the same time sufficiently moisturize the skin and triggers the synthesis of elastin for comfort and wellness. Can be used indefinitely as long as required.
Apply to clean, dry skin 1-3 times a day.
Non-comedogenic, dermatologically tested and contains no parabens.

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