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Face Cream
SKU 23628

Frezyderm Sensitive Red Skin Facial Cream 50ml


Face cream against rosacea.

The Sensitive Red Skin Facial Cream is a product of Frezyderm company. This cream with a soft texture, which controls and reverses the symptoms of rosacea and sensitive skin reactive. It contributes significantly to the immediate reduction of red, of spider veins, the inflammation, swelling and pimples. Promotes skin barrier and activates the skin, while providing the strong and deep nourishment and hydration. Because the sedative action, relieves the skin and makes it more comfortable and flexible. It has strong anti-wrinkle, antiakneiki and antioxidant activity. Aimed at all ages.

It contains no preservatives and triggers of rosacea, according to a review of National Rosacea Society.

Hypoallergenic product with 75% reduced allergic predisposition.


Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8, Fukinolic acid: reduces neurogenic inflammation, vasodilation, edema and erythema.
Glycosaminoglycans, Algae: improves capillary parameters, strengthens the skin barrier.
Anti-acne agent: has antiakneiki action.
Hydroxyproline: moisturizes the skin and acts against aging.

USAGE: May be used daily morning and evening. Apply to clean, dry skin, neck, and face.