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Face Cream
SKU 30376

Galenic Aqua Porcelaine Hydra-Illuminating Fluid 50ml


Concentrated Galenic Aqua Porcelaine Hydra-Illuminating Fluid Light Care offers an immediate "healthy glow" effect: a skin that radiates health and light. This moisturizing day cream that delivers instant water freshness melts on the skin, giving it a particularly shiny, high-perfection finish. Enhanced with Vitamin C which provides luminosity and extract of pink pepper recognized for its antioxidant activity, gives a uniform appearance and moisturizes the skin.
The skin shines with beauty in the moment.
Why you will love it:
- Its composition, with Vitamin C, an ingredient recognized for its luminous properties **
- Its pearls reflect light and erase imperfections.
- Its non-iridescent and highly direct, shiny and powdery finish
- Its extremely delicate water, cool and soft texture

Delicate moisturizing luminosity cream.

Instructions for use
Apply Galenic Aqua Porcelaine Hydra-Illuminating Fluid in the morning to face and neck.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place away from children.

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