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Face Cream
SKU 11818

Healderm Aquathenol Plus Cream 150ml Moisturizing cream


The Aquathenol Plus is a deep moisturizer enhanced by urea. Urea is a natural product of hydration at high concentrations in healthy skin, which plays an important role in the hydration. In dry skin (xerosis) conditions urea is reduced by 50-85%. The Aquathenol plus give the skin the missing urea and reduces water loss Transepidermal.

INDICATIONS: The Aquathenol plus, is a deep moisturizing cream for daily care of the face and body, recommended for the management of moderate intrinsic or acquired, dry skin conditions (xerosis), such as: xerosis - prutitus elderly people, xerosis due underlying diseases (eg, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes, chronic renal failure, hypothyroidism, etc.), dry skin due to environmental effects (wind, cold, heat, low humidity, etc.), foot xerosis and xerosis due to adverse medical outcomes (eg, diuretics, anti-acne medications, etc.), dry skin due to the use of harsh soaps.