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Face Cream
SKU 23425

Helenvita ACNormal Urgent Correction Gel For Oily Skin 15 ml


This topical facial gel, which acts focused and rapidly against defects. Aimed primarily at people with oily skin, and particularly among women, especially watching the appearance and grooming. The fast pace of modern day life require modern woman is constantly attentive and maintain a skin youthful, vibrant and healthy, without imperfections. At this point, shows the Helenvita Urgent Correction Gel and offers solutions.

This product contains no preservatives. Prepared by the company Pharmex.

The company Pharmex S.A. a significant presence in the cosmetics and other products, primarily medical. Introduces a variety of products both known brands and own brands and an exclusive representative of more than forty (40) parent companies worldwide, seven (7) major areas: in ophthalmic, dermatological, baby products, in personal care products, food supplements in disinfectants - antiseptic - cleaning products, medical disposable products.

Instructions: You can apply it 2-3 times a day, directly to problem areas, to get immediate results.