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Face Cream
SKU 30919

Hydrovit Total Care Cream SPF15, 40ml


The Hydrovit Total Care Cream is a daily integrated moisturizer cream with color, with overlapping effect and a plethora of skin benefits.
Offers to the skin:
- Flawless physical cover
- Intensive hydration (panthenol)
- Anti-wrinkle care (hyaluronic acid)
- Sun protection
- Antioxidant action (Vitamin E)
- Zinc PCA
- Mild anti-inflammatory action.
- Limiting the proliferation of bacteria
- Soothing and healing properties.

Tailored to the needs of everyday life, it gives complete coverage offering uniform radiant skin.
Suitable for all ages.
It does not dry or irritate the skin.

Daily moisturizer cream color.

Instructions Use
Apply Hydrovit Total Care Cream daily throughout face alone or after your specialized moisturizing or anti-aging care. Apply extra layers for increased coverage or locally.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from kids.
Do not use after twelve (12) months after its first opening.

Content - Packaging
40 ml