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Face Cream
SKU 21944

La Roche Posay Pigmentclar Anti Dark Spot Skin Evening Cream 40ml


Daily care for correction of hue.

Indications: Liver spots, dull and uneven appearance.

The pollution and UVA radiation cause oxidative stress in the skin, resulting smeared and the face be blurred.

Innovation: The PIGMENTCLAR CREAM combines powerful complex when the spots with PhE-Resorcinol and enhanced protection:

AGAINST POLLUTION thanks to the texture that prevents dirt adhesion to the skin.

AGAINST UVA away thanks to the innovative system filters UVA SPF 30 - UVA PPD 15.

AGAINST OXIDATIVE STRESS thanks to the combination of ingredients [Ginkgo + Ferulic Acid].

Results: The skin is protected from stains and dull appearance.

Immediately, the complexion is brighter.

At 4 weeks, the spots are reduced significantly for uniform look that lasts.