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Face Cream
SKU 23494

La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense 40ml


Rosaliac Ar Intense, effective care in persistent redness of la roche-posay.

INDICATIONS: With enhanced synthesis of 3 active ingredients that reduce redness from the source of creation and prevent recurrence. In more detail:
> The Neyrosensine, a strong sedative component which reduces the reactivity of the skin and the appearance of redness.
> The thermal water of la roche-posay, with soothing and decongestant action. Packing new generation that closes tightly and allows a highly pure composition.
> The innovative Ambophenol, natural active ingredient is rich in polyphenols reduce the size of the blood vessels and strengthens its walls.
The series Rosaliac Ar intense, ideal for people with sensitive skin prone to redness and spider veins (rosacea) and intense redness. Hypoallergic product contains no preservatives, fragrance and colorants. Without paraben. With free-flowing, fresh, non-greasy texture, cleansing gel of la roche-posay, not comedogenic.

IMMEDIATE EFFECTIVENESS: Soothes immediate irritation and discomfort feeling. After 4 weeks, the redness is reduced and the appearance of the skin is more uniform.

APPLICATION: Apply the gel purification of la roche-posay, morning and evening to entire face or affected areas

TIP: For enhanced effectiveness, use in conjunction with the Rosaliac cc.