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Face Cream
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Medimar white cream anti – acne 50ml


Medimar white cream anti - acne 50ml

The Medimar white cream anti - acne 50ml is a high-performance facial moisturizer which has a rich and creamy texture that is absorbed directly through the skin, with advanced technology that penetrates and locks the water in all areas of the face. It is suitable and ideal to combat and eliminate acne and black spots - spots from the face. Effectively moisturizes the skin and rich ingredients and offers empowering and softening effects. Your skin becomes softer, smoother, fills and acquires healthy look. It is suitable and ideal for all skin types and is non-greasy and allergy tested. It offers 24-hour moisturizing and toning care with rich texture for mixed, oily and normal skin. The skin hydrated, soothed and stimulated intensively. The skin is stimulated, becomes soft side, refresh, becomes velvety texture, and released from the hassle of the day. The shine and elasticity of the skin increases.

Content: 50ml

Instructions for use :
Spreading Apply morning and / or evening on face and neck after thorough cleansing with gentle circular movements as if massaging. Apply small amounts of cream to the entire face and thus help the cream penetrate with moves from inside to outside, without exerting pressure to avoid irritations.

Keep in a dry, cool place and away from children.

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