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Face Cream
SKU 25150

Μey Pure Action Matt Emulsion 50ml


The Swiss product Pure action of MEY company in emulsion report to moisturize oily skin with imperfections such as acne issues, while helping to protect it from external environmental conditions are more aggravating because of air pollution.

In Pure action is carefully combined mixture of several active ingredients, with oils and extracts of vegetable origin which give the skin, toning and moisturize. This matte effect without oily residue due to components which contain vitamin B6 which prevents the secretion of excess sebum eventually leading to blocking the pores of the skin''s UV filters containing protect from solar radiation which is responsible for skin aging and the display in this reddening signs.

After using Pure action is now expected your skin feeling of purity and health
Apply the emulsion in the morning to clean skin, face and neck
This product does not contain Parabens, Mineral oil, and artificial colors

Not tested in animals and it is dermatologically tested product