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Face Cream
SKU 20342

Panthenol promo Extra Day Cream 50ml + micellar true cleanser 3 in 1 100ml


Prosteftiki Moisturizing Day Cream


With Hyaluronic Acid - Panthenol - Vitamin E


Packing : 50 ML


Hyaluronic Acid: The powerful moisturizing agent. Remains on the skin surface , holding multiples of the weight of moisture, which injects a long time on the skin.


Panthenol : The most commonly known for its beneficial properties to the skin Vitamin . Penetrates deep into the skin and provides hydration while promoting cell renewal .


Vitamin E: antioxidant fights free radicals responsible for cell damage , leading to premature aging of the skin.


SPF 15: Very effective sunscreens that protect you from the harmful and sometimes dangerous ultraviolet UVA - UVB rays and inhibit premature aging of the skin .


Suitable for all skin types .


Dermatologist tested - No Parabens