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Face Cream
SKU 12568

Sebamed Q-10 Cream 50ml Anti-Aging Face Cream


Light, rich oil-in-water emulsion for age-induced changes in the skin and prevention futher damage of the skin structure and functions

* Supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle
* With the pH value of 5.5 of healthy skin

* Product features: 24 hr. protection and regeneration
* Co-enzyme Q 10 activates metabolism of oxygen on a cellular level
* Botanical phytosterols and lipid complex protect against dehydration and protect elasticity
* Cholesterol-related plant lipids enhance the barrier function, soothing irritation
* Sweet almond oil, shea butter and squalane replenish the lipid balance for soft, supple skin
* Vitamin E neutralizes free-radicals
* Panthenol supports skin regeneration
* Rapidly absorbed without oily residue
* pH value of 5.5 enhances the moisturizing effect of the cream
* Protects against irritants and allergens
* Efficacy clinically tested

* Indications: Counteracts premature ageing
* Designed to compensate for age induced changes in the skin
* Especially for sensitive skin
* For skin sensitive to Vitamin A and AHA products
* First indications of moisture deficiency due to noxious environmental influences
* Therapy supportive skin care

Content: 50 ml

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