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Face Cream
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Serutox Antiwrinkle Serun


Powerful cosmetic in the form of serum, substitute injectable products.

Anti-wrinkle does not necessarily mean use of injectable products.
Now the alternative is given by a product used worldwide by leading scientists, Serutox. It manages dramatically reduce facial wrinkles up to 50% within 21-42 days, and gives a youthful skin and sfrigili

How do:
The effectiveness of Serutox caused by the action of a new active, non-toxic anti-aging
component of exapeptidiou Argireline which acts in the depth of wrinkles and unique
bioactive components include, such as hyaluronic acid (one of the radical-anti-aging
important factor).

The Serutox epitynchanei reduce secretion (catecholamine) a hormone that is responsible
for the contraction of facial muscles. The neurotransmitters reduce their action
without paralyzing the muscles. This prevents the formation of fine lines caused by repetitive facial expressions, without loss of physical movement and expression.
Which is not the case with injections and often painful products.

Day by day there is a significant reduction in the depth and size of wrinkles
around the eyes, forehead and lines of expression.