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Face Cream
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Sylphar Remescar Eye Contour Program 2x8ml


The Remescar Eye Contour Program is an eye repair program.
How does it work?
DAY: Remescar for Bags & Black Circles is an active cream that directly reduces bags and black circles under the eyes. thanks to its unique EYESYL technology, it achieves intense skin tightening, reduces under-eye fluid build-up and micro-muscle pauses.
NIGHT: The Night Repair Eye Remescar Cream is a cosmetic treatment that reduces goose bags, black circles and goose foot and lifts loose eyelids with visible results within 28 days. It has the exclusive i-Rep technology, which provides oxygen to the cells, hydrates, relieves and rejuvenates the skin.
The combination of both products makes the Remescar Eye Contour Program a complete solution for renewing your appearance safely and effectively, with clinically proven results.

Repair program for the area around the eyes, bags and black circles.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place away from children.

Content - Packaging
2 x 8 ml