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Face Cream
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Synchroline Aknicare Cream Teint Clair 50ml


Indications: acne treatment, acne skin.
The acnicare cream is a free flowing texture cream emulsion paint which is specifically designed to control and to better address the symptoms of acne, while covering the acne lesions. At the same time, the acnicare cream offers moisturizing action '''' matte ''effect on the skin.
The aknicare is a series of medical technologies that have schediatei to prevent, control and minimize the typical symptoms of acne.
How to use, apply at least 2-3 times daily after thorough cleansing of the skin, gently kneading until smooth and uniform color to the skin, unless accompanied by an another medical directive.
Storage: Store at room temperature.

Products for external use
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous glands.
Keep out of reach of children, for their safety.
The acnicare cream must be kept at room temperature

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