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Face Cream
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Synchroline Rosacure Intensive Teintee Dore Spf30 30ml


Synchroline Rosacure Intensive Teintee Dore SPF30

Thin day cream with high SPF (spf30 and protection against UVA radiation) acts effectively against the transient and permanent redness and significantly reduces the unpleasant sensation of burning and prickling just minutes after application.
Thanks to the moisturizing and antioxidant properties can also be used for daily care.
It is in color and hue Dore

The Rosacure is a series of medical devices, specially designed to prevent, control and soothes the typical symptoms of rosacea, as in the phase of lupus telangiectasias, and the phase of papulo-flykatainodous rosacea.
These devices operate specialized in mechanical control of over-reaction of the skin syndrome.
Action due to the action of the polyglutamic acid, a natural polymer which forms a monomolecular and stable film on the surface of epidermidas. This action reduces the signs and symptoms typical of the skin condition, both during cleaning and during during treatment.

Apply at morning or if necessary more times during the day, especially in summer, is suitable for use at night.

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