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Face Cream
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Synchroline Thiospot Ultra Cream Spf 50 30ml


The series THIOSPOT provides a comprehensive range of products can be used solely or in combination with the other, according to the different problems related to the color intensity of dark spots. Thanks to scientific research products THIOSPOT have been developed specifically to reduce the intensity of dark spots that appear on the skin surface due to melanin and offer a uniform color to the skin. (The tan shown in skin is the result of the presence of melanin, which is produced in specialized cells called melanocytes, and are located in lower layers of the epidermis. Melanin is transferred into the surface cells giving the characteristic dark color to the skin, which then is reduced and disappears with the skin''s natural exfoliation process. the appearance of dark spots on the skin (hyperpigmentation) is caused by the accumulation of melanin. the dark spots can be due to genetic factors (eg lentigines, nevi, freckles, etc.) or be acquired (due e.g. solar radiation, pregnancy, treatments drinkable contraceptives or other drugs, liver etc.) and occur when the skin tan eliminated).
The active substance of THIOSPOT ULTRA balances and removes dead cells from the stratum corneum associated with very high sun protection. The cream acts directly and effectively. It offers sun filters that protect against UVB and UVA (spf 50+ - very high protection) radiation. Targeted and synchronized action allows regulation of melanin synthesis process and favors while removing dead cells from the skin, reducing the accumulation melanimis it.
HOW TO USE: Unless accompanied by other medical directive, apply the THIOSPOT ULTRA 1-2 times a day. Use the appropriate amount and apply gently massage until completely absorbed.

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