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Face Cream
SKU 20221

Version EE Eye Cream 30ml


The Version EE Cream acts as a source of energy to the skin in order to restore the essential qualities of young skin :

Restores skin density : increased synthesis of elastin , collagen I and III (Neodermyl ®)

Refreshes : protection and anadomisienzymon , activating mitochondria (Unisurrection S-61)

Rejuvenates : activation of cellular pathways (D-PTA)

Moisturize : improving lipid barrier of the skin and moisturize with natural ingredients NMF (Unimoist U-125G + Safester A-75)

The skin around the eyes is based on a network of muscles and is in constant motion:

On average eye blink 9600 times / day

Moves in every grimace , eg frown , but in relative movements of the face : the smile, to yawn , during the speech , any change of expression.

The epidermal layer around the eye affecting the appearance and exhibits specific properties with respect to the rest of the facial skin :

The Version EE Cream Eyes works as an energy source for skin

Containing innovative active ingredients and provide the appropriate level of energy recovery younger skin area around the eyes.